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Cemeteries from all across the United States are switching to Cemify. Here is what they are saying...

"While doing research for how to digitize our cemetery records, I came across Cemify's website and was immediately drawn to how straightforward, user-friendly, and comprehensive it appeared to be. After having a demo call and seeing the software in action, I was immediately sold. We are now using Cemify on a daily basis and it has transformed the way we access our cemetery data, making it extremely efficient, easy to access, and unifying what used to be several different paper and electronic processes into one intuitive and cohesive workflow. The mapping feature is very helpful in understanding our available inventory and quickly locating previous burials when we receive inquiries. Cemify is also customizable to users' specific needs, with custom fields within the database and templates for frequently used documents. The customer service is wonderful and always friendly. We look forward to benefitting from Cemify for years to come!"
Calvary Churchyard
Fletcher, North Carolina
"When I started at Resurrection and Mater Dolorosa Cemeteries in Owensboro, KY we were still maintaining all of our records on paper. Although the system worked, it was very cumbersome and time consuming. We have been very pleased with the team at Cemify and their exceptional work. Jason listened to our concerns and guided us through the process to create an exceptional tool for our needs. Now, our staff is able to have access to all of our cemetery records and information literally in the palm of their hands. This is invaluable, especially to our staff in the field. It has been a pleasure to work with Jason and the Cemify team. I highly recommend their software to any cemetery."
Resurrection & Mater Dolorosa Cemeteries
Owensboro, Kentucky
"Cemify is an outstanding company with superior customer service. The City of Ocoee was provided with an affordable cloud-based cemetery records management system that nicely compiled years of records right at our fingertips. We found the system to be very easy to navigate and it can accommodate multiple file formats. Jason and his team are extremely easy to get in touch with, typically answering calls or e-mail within hours, and they have been very accommodating by adapting their system to meet our ever-growing needs. Even our residents love Cemify! Finding a loved one has never been easier. Through the online tool, which is linked on our City’s website, our residents can quickly locate a loved one, any time of the day or night."
Ocoee Cemetery
Ocoee, Florida

"We use Cemify’s product for both of our cemeteries, Mount Hope Memorial Park and Gavilan Hills Memorial Park.

Being that our cemetery office is not located on grounds, we used to field a large volume of calls from families simply looking for the grave location of their family member. The over the phone explanation process was ineffective and time consuming. With the “Grave Locator” system that Cemify has set up for us, it saves ourselves, and the families, that unnecessary trouble. Families can visit the websites Cemify created for us from a computer, or a mobile device, and search for their loved ones grave location with near pinpoint accuracy. Myself, as well as the rest of my coworkers, would recommend Cemify whole heartedly."

Mt Hope Cemetery
Morgan Hill, California

"I spent several months researching cemetery management software companies and programs. Some of the less expensive programs offered very little support and were mainly for desktop use only. The web-based programs are all very good and offered many features, however, I found them pricy for a small cemetery of less than 4 acres.

Cemify is a new cloud-based Cemetery Management System and has been an answer to my prayers! I could not be happier. Cemify is much less expensive than most other companies and still provides the most important features needed to maintain accurate records for our cemeteries. Being cloud-based allows us to view our cemeteries records and maps from any electronic device.

Cemify can create a digital map of your cemetery which is linked to your records. There are no add-on or hidden costs. Jason, the creator and owner of Cemify, has been extremely helpful and accessible by phone, text and email. He has been more than willingly to answer my questions and to adapt his program to provide the information I wanted to have access to.

We couldn’t be any more pleased with the product, or the process that lead up to its launch. I highly recommend Cemify to any cemetery that wants to computerize its records and maps."

St Joseph & St John Cemetery
Leitchfield, Kentucky
"Cemify has helped us go from paper records to electronic. We no longer have to use our paper maps, we're able to view the cemetery from computers, cell phones and tablets. This makes for easy access to view available plots when you are at the cemetery. Not only do the maps work wonderfully but each plot has the information of the owner, burial and you can attach documents related to the plot purchases and burials. I highly recommend Cemify to any cemetery that is looking to go electronic!"
Gan Shalom Cemetery
Lutz, Florida
"A short time after I was given the job of secretary of the association as well as keeper of the paper records and maps, I asked where are the records before 1932? No one knew. So after two years of looking at providers of cemetery management software that was cloud based, I found Cemify. The first thing I liked about Cemify was the friendliness when talking to them on the phone. The second thing I liked was the reasonable price of the solution to my old paper record problem. And then there was the quickness of how fast the project came together - almost caught me by surprise. We are still entering our data into the system and have needed some software changes and tweaking to make a better fit for us, to which Cemify responded quickly without any hesitation. Some of the other changes we discussed will take more time to complete and will be coming in the future. Cemify has been great to work with and I am very happy with their software and our relationship."
Riverside Cemetery Association
Croghan, New York
"Cemify's software is fantastic. It is easy to use and available on your phone. They respond quickly to any questions and are always willing to listen and help. I would suggest this software to any cemetery."
Gilbert Memorial Park
Gilbert, Arizona
"Our little 14-acre cemetery started in 1902 and had only various forms of paper records. They were only available to the Manager and were always at risk of fire, flood, etc. I decided the records should also be stored and available electronically. My wife and I started trying to create an Excel spreadsheet and soon realized that was not the answer. When I went looking for a cemetery software package I found that most of them automatically included bells and whistles which our little cemetery could not afford. Cemify was flexible, letting us go one step at a time and stay within our budget. Jason has been great to work with. He is patient, polite and knowledgeable. He helps us fix our mistakes and provides useful guidance for future steps. I am happy to recommend Cemify."
St. Bernard's Cemetery
Bernardsville, New Jersey
"The Eatonville Memorial Gardens Cemetery is owned and operated by a Florida Not for Profit Corporation named Eatonville Community Cemetery Association, Inc. The cemetery services the historical Town of Eatonville, Florida which was established in 1887 after the emancipation of slavery. It was chartered as an all Negro community by 29 original community members. Many of the residents living in Eatonville today have roots linked back to these original founders. When the Association assumed ownership of the property, there were no records of the burials at the site. During the past year, the cemetery has been cataloged and mapped using a rudimentary local standalone application. Cemify has provided the Association a robust and cost-effective cloud-based tool to store the interment details and manage the cemetery. The Cemify site also allow for a public portal for viewing records and communicate with the Association. Working with the Cemify site is extremely easy and the result is a professional looking web site with additional tools that are beyond the Association’s needs. The user support provided by Jason Habing is outstanding. Your questions and concerns are handled directly by Jason, no third-party call center following a script. When possible, your comments are acted upon immediately or are taken in for future enhancement of the powerful product offered by Cemify. Today members of the Association, as well as member of the community, appreciate the ease of accessing burial records and quickly locating the grave site of individuals. The Association is actively improving the details available on-line and working with Cemify to improve the outstanding product they have provided. Eatonville Memorial Garden Cemetery strongly recommend the deployment of Cemify for your cemetery web site. It is cost-effective, powerful and there is no requirement to have a web developer expert in your staff. If needed, a comprehensive help portal is included in the administrator level portal."
Eatonville Memorial Gardens
Eatonville, Florida
"Our church, Trinity Lutheran of Joppa, MD, began searching for cemetery software that would accommodate the needs of a small cemetery at a reasonable price. There weren’t many programs that addressed our situation. Then we discovered Cemify. After speaking with them, we were convinced this was just what we needed and have not regretted it. The program is very user friendly. They have been more than helpful in answering any of our questions or customizing the program where we needed, and very swift in replying and addressing each situation. The cost of the software is more than reasonable. I would highly recommend Cemify, if you are considering the purchase of small cemetery software."
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Joppa, Maryland

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