Digital Cemetery Mapping

With customizable map styles and intuitive design, Cemify drastically simplifies cemetery mapping and recordkeeping.

Why go digital?

Digital cemetery mapping allows you to organize your inventory, collaborate with colleagues and secure your map for future cemetery managers.

The Cemify Mapping Process

Analyze Existing Maps

Existing cemetery maps are gathered and reviewed.

Create Basemap

Basemaps can be created with drone imagery or publicly available satellite images.

Diagram Plots

Plots are diagrammed and georeferenced in Cemify based on existing cemetery maps and basemap imagery.

Merge Records

Existing digital ownership and burial records are merged with the GIS map.

Simple drag & zoom map navigation

Easily open and review your map from anywhere, on any device. The map feels just like mapping software you're used to, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Click on map objects for more detail

Click on plots or burials for more detailed information. Store photos & documents, or use custom fields to track any information you'd like.

Customize your map design

We'll work with you to develop a map design reflective of your cemetery and tailored to your needs.

Allow public access for gravesite lookups

Give the public limited access to your maps, to find loved ones and browse available plots.

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