Cemify Work Orders

Keep better records and stay organized by communicating with your grounds crew through Cemify work orders.

How does it work?

Work orders can be created for a variety of tasks, such as funeral preparation, headstone installation, or miscellaneous repairs. With just a few clicks, they can then be printed out or sent via email to your grounds crew.

Track work order progress

Use customizable work order statuses to track the full lifecycle of a work order. Work order recipients on cemetery grounds can change the status quickly, without having to log in.

Get notified and produce reports

Get notified of work order status changes and report on open work orders.

Photo & document attachments

Enhance your records and store proof of work using our photo and document upload features.

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Include maps for your grounds team.

Allow your grounds crew to quickly locate plot locations by including a digital map with work orders. Customizable map styles allow for maps perfectly suited to your cemetery.

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