Our mission is to empower cemetery managers everywhere to better serve their communities and customers.

Our Story

My name is Jason, co-founder of Cemify. My family owns and operates two cemeteries and a funeral home in California.

In late 2017, they called me, explaining the problems they were having with managing records and mapping at the cemeteries. They were using paper based maps and section books to manage their inventory. This meant that simple questions such as “is this grave space open?” or “where is this person buried?” often took 20-30 minutes to answer. Since these questions come up quite frequently, hours and hours were being wasted per week on simple administrative tasks.

At the time, I was working in technology at Twitter and figured there had to be a software solution for the problem they were having. After a thorough search, I found that although there were several solutions on the market, they all suffered from one of a few major problems:

  • They were extremely expensive and geared more towards enterprise, sales driven cemetery operations, as opposed to more preservation focused cemeteries, such as municipal cemeteries and non-profits.
  • They were built on out of date technology, rather than using the latest in cloud based technologies.
  • The software wasn’t intuitive and required significant training to get up and running with.

After seeing these issues, we had an idea. If we could embrace modern cloud based technology to simplify and speed up the process of going digital, we could drastically reduce the price of cemetery software and allow more cemeteries to benefit. This is how Cemify was born.

Since this experience, we’ve partnered with hundreds of cemeteries that share our vision for a more intuitive cemetery management platform, and we’re just getting started.

With our unique background, we are confident that we are building the future of cemetery management software. If you are a cemetery manager looking for a digital partner, we’d love to talk!

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