Cemify Pricing

Since every cemetery has a unique set of obstacles, operations and record keeping systems, it's tough to provide a "one size fits all" approach to pricing. However, this rough pricing guidance should help you determine if we might be a fit and within your budget.

Annual Software Subscription Fees

Cemify is a subscription service. For an annual subscription fee, we will make sure your software stays up to date, your data secured and your staff supported.

Annual pricing depends on your cemetery's size, the number of system users and the features you'd like included. However, the subscription typically falls in the $600 per year - $2,000 per year range.

Implementation Services

Here is general pricing guidance for the key services necessary to get you up and running on our platform:

GIS Mapping

GIS mapping is the process of converting your paper based maps or CAD files into a format that's compatible with Cemify. Pricing varies considerably depending on quality of existing mapping materials and the design of the cemetery, but generally falls within the $500 - $1,000 per acre (one time) range.

Data Migration

Data migration involves importing existing digital records (for example a spreadsheet, Access database, or existing software database) into Cemify. Depending on complexity of the data, this generally falls within the $100 - $300 per acre (one time) range.

HTML Template Generation

Templates allow you to create pre-populated documents (such as deeds or purchase agreements) directly within Cemify. These generally fall within the $400 - $600 per template (one time) range.

Transcription Services

Transcription describes the process of typing up paper records into a digital format. We offer on site transcription services through third party partners.

Training & Support

3 hours of training and consultation is provided free of charge with every annual subscription. We offer unlimited support for any system bugs (these are uncommon.)

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