Cemify Templates

Templates allow you to produce deeds, purchase agreements and more in just a few clicks.

How does it work?

A Cemify Template is a customizable document that's pre-populated based on your records. This allows you to enter information once into Cemify & produce all your necessary paperwork directly from the software.

Setting Up Your Templates

HTML Conversion

Your existing deed & purchase agreement are converted to HTML.

Field Mapping

Dynamic Cemify fields are mapped into your HTML template.

Final Review

Confirm the deed language and design are perfect.

Go Live

Cemify Templates are used for future plot sales.

Produce a purchase agreement or deed from anywhere

With Cemify, you can create and send key cemetery paperwork from any modern device with an internet connection.

Encourage a digital first workflow

Using Cemify to produce your deeds and purchase agreements encourages you to enter records first, resulting in less data entry and more organized records.

Make final adjustments prior to finalizing

Templates are interactive and editable, allowing you to make final adjustments prior to finalizing.

Print directly, or save as PDF

Templates can be printed, or saved as PDF to send via email.

Get a free estimate

Get in touch to learn more about implementing Cemify Templates at your cemetery.