There’s a better way to manage your cemetery records.

Cemify is an intuitive and affordable software system to help you digitize your cemeteries mapping, plot owner / burial records, work orders and more.

Cemify splash map
Cemify client map
Cemify client map
Here’s why cemeteries across the United States are switching to Cemify…
Most cemeteries significantly reduce the time they spend record keeping by over 75%
We guarantee security against information loss or destruction
Our small team will make sure you get personal & hands on support as you get up and running
Cemify burial records

Record keeping, made easy.

Replace your old deed books and paper maps with an easily accessible and interactive online system.

  • add plot owners and burial records in just a few clicks
  • quickly search for records and plot ownership with ease, even if you’re on the go
  • access your information on any device, at any location with an internet connection
Cemify burial records
Cemify map closeup
Cemify map closeup

Smooth, intuitive digital mapping.

Stop using cumbersome boards or paper maps. We’ll convert your paper maps to an interactive digital map.

  • quickly view cemetery occupancy and availablity
  • create custom color codes to differentiate plots
  • hover over plots to quickly see important details about plot ownership and burial records
Cemify public gravesite lookup

A public gravesite lookup.

Serve families with ease by pointing them to your public gravesite lookup.

  • only surface the information you want visible publically
  • add other cemetery information to your public portal such as rules, regulations, or important documents
  • included with your Cemify subscription at no extra charge
Cemify public gravesite lookup
Cemify work orders
Cemify work orders

Work orders, streamlined.

Create, send & track work orders directly through the Cemify system.

  • send work orders by email or by printing
  • allow cemetery grounds staff to update work order status’ through email
  • report on open, accepted & completed work orders
  • use pre-made work order templates to ensure all necessary information is included
Cemify deed templates

Deed certificates, ready to print.

Store your record information and print a deed all in one step.

  • manage as many custom deed templates as you'd like
  • save recordkeeping and paperwork time on every plot sale
  • scan and store signed deeds in the "Plot Documents" section for safekeeping
Cemify deed templates
Here's what our customers are saying...
Mt hope pinpoint
Mt. Hope Cemetery
Morgan Hill, CA

"We use Cemify’s product for both of our cemeteries, Mount Hope Memorial Park and Gavilan Hills Memorial Park. We couldn’t be any more pleased with the product, or the process that lead up to its launch.

Being that our cemetery office is not located on grounds, we used to field a large volume of calls from families simply looking for the grave location of their family member. The over the phone explanation process was ineffective and time consuming. With the “Grave Locator” system that Cemify has set up for us, it saves ourselves, and the families, that unnecessary trouble. Families can visit the websites Cemify created for us from a computer, or a mobile device, and search for their loved ones grave location with near pinpoint accuracy. Myself, as well as the rest of my coworkers, would recommend Cemify whole heartedly."

Mt. Hope Cemetery - Morgan Hill, CA

Kentucky cemeteries
St. Joseph Cemetery
Leitchfield, KY

"I spent several months researching cemetery management software companies and programs. Some of the less expensive programs offered very little support and were mainly for desktop use only. The web-based programs are all very good and offered many features, however, I found them pricy for a small cemetery of less than 4 acres.

Cemify is a new cloud-based Cemetery Management System and has been an answer to my prayers! I could not be happier. Cemify is much less expensive than most other companies and still provides the most important features needed to maintain accurate records for our cemeteries. Being cloud-based allows us to view our cemeteries records and maps from any electronic device.

Cemify can create a digital map of your cemetery which is linked to your records. There is an upfront mapping fee and then a year cost of $790. There are no add-on or hidden costs. Jason, the creator and owner of Cemify, has been extremely helpful and accessible by phone, text and email. He has been more than willingly to answer my questions and to adapt his program to provide the information I wanted to have access to.

We couldn’t be any more pleased with the product, or the process that lead up to its launch. I highly recommend Cemify to any cemetery that wants to computerize its records and maps."

St. Joseph Cemetery - Leitchfield, KY

Pricing Options:
$ 399  / year
No upfront fee
Up to 3 system users
Keep track of plot owners and burials.
Create and send work orders.
Auto-populate deed templates.
Store photos & documents.
Quarterly data backups.
Email & chat support.
$ 799  / year
Upfront mapping fee: ~$250 per acre
Up to 10 users
All Records features.
Interactive digital cemetery plot map.
Custom plot color coding.
Allow the public to find gravesites.
Phone, email & chat support.
Monthly backups.