Feature packed, but easy to use.

Our cemetery software is designed to be easy to use from the start, with optional features that grow with your cemetery.

Sales, plot ownership and burial information, at your fingertips.
  • Keep up to date records on plot ownership, burials & sales information.
  • Access your records on any device.
  • All system fields are customizable, so you can track and report on just about anything.
  • Scan and attach documents to plots, to securely store and preserve contracts, deeds, lot cards and more.
Generate a cemetery reporting dashboard.
  • Quickly visualize your cemeteries operations with pie chart, line graph and table reports.
  • Report on sales, burials, plots, work orders and more.
  • Use date range filters to analyze cemetery operations over time.
Digital cemetery maps, accessible from anywhere.
  • Browse your maps from mobile phones, tablets, computers or any device with an up to date web browser and an internet connection.
  • Customize your plot status names and color coding to create a simple to use, but powerful cemetery map.
  • Stay in sync with other cemetery team members, with just one central source of information.
Printable walking maps for special projects.
  • Generate printable maps with veterans indicated, for easy flagging on Memorial and Veteran's day.
  • Export map sections as PDF's, to send to print shops for larger prints jobs.
  • Choose and customize what information you want shown on the map.
A public website and gravesite lookup.
  • Allow the public to access your burial records, reducing time spent answering phone and email questions.
  • Specifically choose the information you do and don't want the public to have access to.
  • Preserve and share important information about your cemeteries burials.
  • Allow families to browse and find available spaces in the cemetery.
Search all of your records, in seconds.
  • Our new search engine infrastructure lets you search tens of thousands of cemetery records in just a few seconds.
  • Search by first name, last name, plot name, or any other field that's included in the record.
  • No more digging through old records, lot cards or books.
Add notes on plots, burials, or contacts.
  • Notes allow you to capture special unique information that isn't represented in one of your custom fields.
  • All notes are timestamped, so you can easily see who wrote the note and when.
  • Adding detailed notes ensures thorough and acccurate cemetery records for future generations of record keepers.
Create contracts, deeds, invoices and more.
  • Use our templates feature to generate and print prepopulated purchase agreements, deeds, invoices, receipts and more.
  • Enter information in the system just once, saving time and leaving less room for errors.
  • Print, scan and upload your signed contract to store for future reference.
Create and send digital work orders.
  • Send work orders to cemetery grounds crew via email, with maps automatically generated and attached.
  • Track and report on open and completed work orders.
  • Your grounds crew can access the work orders on their phone, even without a Cemify account.
Keep detailed records of sales and payments.
  • Store pricing for commonly used line items, saving time and minimizing mistakes.
  • Calculate payment schedules and financing.
  • Print contracts, invoices, receipts and more.
  • Track payments over time and generate sales reports.
Create and schedule tasks and email reminders.
  • Use tasks to ensure that nothing important gets forgotten or slips through the cracks.
  • Create and manage tasks associated with sales, plots, people or burials.
  • Set due dates and receive email reminders for any task.

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